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I’m Jon Gann, and yes, I am a lawyer, but there’s a lot more to me than just the practice of law.  I hope this will help you  know me better.

About Jon

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As a solo attorney, I provide a personalized approach to each case. With a deliberate decision to keep a small caseload, I can ensure individual attention for every client. From our initial interview to the final trial, I am there with you every step of the way. Unlike big box firms seen on TV, where the lawyer in the advertisement may not handle your case, I am a trial lawyer with 28 years of experience. I provide direct access to me through my personal cell phone number, even after hours and on weekends. Don’t be swayed by size – quality representation is what truly matters. If you’ve hired a big box firm and only interact with legal assistants, it may be time to consider someone else. Choose Jon Gann Law | A Florida Law Firm for the personalized attention and experience you deserve.

Background Overview

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The Law

I have been practicing law for 28 years. I am admitted to the state bar in both Arkansas and Florida and I am admitted in their Federal courts(Eastern and Western districts of Arkansas and in the Northern district of Florida) I have been in Florida for 18 years now and this is home. I am a solo attorney by choice and I am comfortable in the courtroom. I went to law school to be a trial lawyer and I learned from some of the best as a young lawyer. When I was young I was trying cases against veteran lawyers and I have to admit I faced goliath many times and had my share of experiences being pushed around the courtroom, figuratively speaking. I didn’t always win. I think any trial lawyer that tells you they have never lost a case probably has not tried many cases. The great take away from those experiences for me is that I learned from them. They sharpened my skills. Taught me to be cool under pressure, how to interact with the jury and all those things that simply cannot be taught in law school but are only learned from real world trial experience.


I am a member of the Gideons international. If you have ever found a bible in a hotel night stand, we are the ones that place them there. We are a group of Christian business and professional men and our purpose is to help the lost come to a saving knowledge of Jesus. We primarily carry out that purpose by the distribution of bibles throughout most countries in the world in many different ways besides placement in hotels.


As for school, I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology and a Law degree (Juris Doctor) from the University of Arkansas. I loved the University of Arkansas and Fayetteville was a beautiful place to study law. Nestled in the Ozark mountains, so rich with fall colors when school would start each year, it was as if God had taken a paint brush of different shades of reds and yellows and painted the mountain sides. Arkansas was a wonderful place but my heart lies in Florida and its Gulf Coast. I will never live anywhere else. Enough about geography, here’s more about me.


I am a husband, father and most recently a grandfather. My wife, children and grandchild are real blessings to me. They are precious gifts from God and I am proud of them all.


I am also a Christian. I cannot understand how anyone can look at the splendor of nature, the stars, sky , and sea and say there is no God. I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and I believe every word of it and do my best to live by its precepts. I’m thankful that God knows Christian’s aren’t perfect because I have stumbled and fallen in my faith many times, but he is faithful and just, and he forgives the sins of those who confess them to him and repent, even mine. God is a Holy God and sin seperates man from God. God desires a relationship with all people regardless of race or nationality. We are all one people to God. He gives us the choice to choose him or reject him. He created us with free will. Its his desire that we choose him. John 3:16 says that God so loved the world (that means me and you) that he gave his only son Jesus, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish but have everlasting life. We will all meet death one day. There are two things that will last forever, the word of God and your soul. I have made many decisions in my 54 years of life, but giving my heart to Jesus was the best decision I ever made. I hope you make that decision too


I love the gulf of Mexico and the Florida coast. I am an avid fisherman and scuba diver/spearfisherman on the Gulf. I have certifications as a rescue diver and divemaster. There is no place more tranquil for me than to be on the sea or in it. It’s a calming feeling to me when I’m in my boat, over the horizon to the point where I am out of the sight of land. The things I have seen out there, in the wilderness of water, are cherished memories for me. Dolphins, sea turtles, sharks, a whale about 50 miles out, any many other creatures of the sea. I have been diving now for over 30 years.

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When you choose Jon Gann Law, you’re choosing a Florida attorney that is dedicated to your success. His unwavering commitment to his clients’ needs sets Jon apart. Combining legal expertise with a personal touch, Jon ensures that you will receive the attention and support you deserve. His track record of successful cases and satisfied clients speaks volumes about his dedication and competence in representing you.

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Now that you know some about me, I hope I meet you one day. I would never wish a lawyer on anyone, but we all sometimes face difficulties in life where we need help. Legal issues can be difficult. Don’t try to navigate them on your own. I cant promise to help with your every legal issue, but if it’s a car or tractor trailer accident, motorcycle accident, work injury, a criminal charge or DUI, or if the State has taken your child or children and you are in a dependency case, call me.


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REAL Client Reviews

Mr. Jon Gann is the Best Attorney I have ever had! He handled everything for me on my car accident case, where I had a lot of medical bills and had my car totaled, and was at a total loss. He is very Efficient and Professional! He treats you with dignity and Honesty! He’s very caring and smart and I would recommend his service to everyone. He is Amazing!

Sharon Sable

“I went to Jon Gann for an auto accident and he really helped me out. He’s a very smart, knowledgeable, and experienced attorney, while always being very pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend him.”

Michael Blount

Mr. Gann is very professional. He took the time I needed to thoroughly answer my questions and address my concerns regarding my case. Highly recommend this attorney.”

Virginia Clement